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I am fairly new to BigGameHunt but I would like to say that the set-up, the content, the gear reviews, the articles, the web-site contact Nadja - AND the contest makes this web-site far better and out-distances any other competing web-sites I have been involved with. 

I  just happened to find this web-site doing a search for Mule Deer and Elk hunting information.  I am sure glad I found it.  I already have my hunting partner involved with the web-site.  I just informed my two brothers and I would bet that they join here soon.  Hats off (a flourescent orange hat that is) to a great web-site, the people that created it, those that work it, and those fellow hunters that offer their tips, stories, and photos.  Oh - and I will do my part in offering for all here some great tips, stories, and photos in return.  Thanks! Thumbs up