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Semi-Automatic Rifle Accuracy

I reload for a friend who has a Remington 30-06 in semi-auto.  It has a 18" barrel and the current group size we have is about 1 1/2" @ 100 yds.  I've never loaded for a semi-auto and can only assume that with a 18" barrel, 1 1/2" @ 100 yds. may be the best he can hope for, in terms of a hunting load.  We're using IMR 4064 with a WLR primer, topped with 180 gr. Hornady BTSP.  Do any of you have any comments in regards to this?  Are we on the right tract, should we keep tweeking the load, etc. 

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You can keep playing with the

You can keep playing with the load since some automatics can become quite accurate but then there are others out there that are just hunting rifles.  If you can get the group down to 1" I really wouldn't expect much more.  A friend of mine shoots a M1 Grand and gets 1/2" and smaller groups regularly but then he was on the Marines rifle shooting squad for a number of years.   

Also if you haven't found out yet automatics are kind of picky on how you resize the case.  They like them fully resized since the action doesn't have the push that a bolt action rifle has to close the action.  If you have problems with a full length sized case you might need to find a small base sizing die. 

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Semi-auto commercial rifle?

Semi-auto commercial rifle? If your getting 1 1/2" groups at 100yds, I think your doing well. Couple things to consider is first it's a hunting rifle, 1 1/2" is fine, and then if the guy was expecting sub 1" groups, I doubt he'd have bought a semi-auto.