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Sellier & Bellot

A buddy recently gave me a couple of boxes of Sellier & Bellot Soft Point 180 grain for my .30-06. I personally have always shot Winchester and don't have any experience with this particular manufacturer. Anybody out there ever used this particular round, or any Sellier & Bellot products for that matter, to take an elk? Haven't been able to find much useful information other than they tend to run on the less expensive side, which isn't necessarily a bad thing per se. Thanks.


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I have seen and heard of them

I have seen and heard of them but have never used them. My suggestion to you is to use those boxes for practice and stick with what you have been shooting out of your 06.

One thing about elk even thoe they are a tough animal is that you don't need 180 grain bullets out of a 06, 165 grain ones work quite well. All the elk that I killed with my 06 fell to 150 grain bullets.

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