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Seeking Permision to Hunt on Private Land

Hello to all,
I am a veteran hunter living in FL (Mannatee County) and I am looking for someone who is willing to allow a hunter on their property. I have been hunting since I was 7 years old and am now 40 (ow thats a long time). I will have all the proper liscenses and permits for FL. I am interested in Wild Boar and in White tail deer. I have hunted all over the world and am knowledgeable and experienced and I am VERY careful. I would be willing to sign a paper to release the land owner from any responsibility for any possible accident that happened while there. I really am not looking for a guide, I enjoy doing it independently. I would like to introduce my son to hunting next year as he will be 8 and legal at that time. I try to stay out of the public lands because I worry about the carefulness of the "other guy". Thanks in advance for any info or sugestions.

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