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Seeking Info on WY unit 62

My dad and I have 4 points and are putting in for unit 62. We will have horses and will be camping in a trailer.

Any info would be great!


Thanks, Kelly

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I hope you have some backup

I hope you have some backup plans to apply as a first choice for somewhere else with better odds than unit 62 for elk!  Last year in the Regular PP Draw you needed the max of 4 PPs to have an 80% chance at drawing one of the 8 tags issued.  In the Special (higher priced) PP Draw there were 6 tags available and it took the max of 4 PPs for a 100% chance (5 drew with 4PPs & a party of two drew the other tags with an average of less than 4 PPs).  Therefore, even if just those that applied and didn't draw bought another PP last year (probably guaranteed that they did) and apply again for that unit in those draws you will more than likely not get your tags with the 4 PPs you have.  The unit is about 75% National Forest and State land with a small percentage over in the southwest area being Wilderness that a nonresident must have a guide in order to hunt it.  If you have already submitted your applications online and decide you want to make a change or withdraw, you have until the end of business MST on Feb 3 to modify or withdraw your application.  Page 6 of the application tells you how to do that and if you have applied as a party the person who started the applications has to do it.  Hope that helps you a little bit!

Location: Colorado
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Thanks Topgun, My back up is

Thanks Topgun,

My back up is CO, I figure if I am going to pay for out of state tags I want it to be a pretty good unit.

I see that you hunt the Big Horns, I was considering one of those units also but the most of them are pretty hard to draw, and the success rate is not as good as 62.


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