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Seeking Hunting Partner - Archery Elk 09' Colorado

Looking for a hunting partner for the 09' Archery Elk Hunt. Seeking some safety in numbers in a remote area. I normally solo backpacking/hunting/fishing but this area is remote and I would like to spend a long week in the bush.
I have set up a base camp (6 man tent w/wood burning stove) approx 6 miles into the Troublesome Basin in GMU 18. I have the basic necessities such as water purification, wood burning stove for cooking, bone saw, knives, game bags, as well as options for packing out meat with outfitter or renting horse, or hump it out myself.
This is an exceptional area for elk and currently the only other hunters I have encountered are either horseman or with the local outfitter. I have scouted pre season as well as already spent 7 days in the field already during the season. Seen many elk, cows and bulls, deer, black bear, marten, osprey, owls and all kinds of other critters.
My dates are flexible as I have been hiking in an out to make it back to work (gotta keep the job to pay for future hunts), but I plan on going in again for a 7 to 9 day stretch. Leaving next weekend sometime (Sept 11-13th) and coming back out the following weekend (Sept 18th to 20th). I would also consider a longer hunt later in the month and move back my week trip.
Please let me know if you are interested in sharing a camp.

P.S. - I have been told that the average harvest rate is 19%. Therefore, I will hunt 5.23 times harder than the average hunter. We'll see but I have dreams of big bulls in my very near future.

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Seeking Hunting Partner - Archery Elk 09' Colorado

This is the first year I'm not chasing something with stick and string. This sounds like an awesome hunt and if I had the tag... I'd be in but I'm giving the muzzleloader a try. Good luck!

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Seeking Hunting Partner - Archery Elk 09' Colorado

Sounds like you've got quite the hunt set up there and if you had put this out there earlier in the year I may have taken you up on it. I've already got hunts planned for the next two months but good luck finding some hunting partners.

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I am interested in hunting the troublesome, I sent you a PM just reply we can discuss or post a reply on the board. I am in denver as well so we could meet somewhere.


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Seeking Hunting Partner - Archery Elk 09' Colorado

Hey Cody, are you trying to seduce us?

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Seeking Hunting Partner - Archery Elk 09' Colorado

Dude, like some of the others said, if you had put this up earlier. Its kind of funny though, i live in idaho and I am in the exact same position. i have some great tags for both elk and deer, I even saved vacation and took the entire mont of September off to bowhunt both deer and elk and my so called avid hunting partners who were supposed to be committed have been distracted by other pressing issues such as general spousal nagging, concerts etc. I understand if I just sprung this on them, but I took a whole month off, scouted relentlessly every weekend for two months leading up to opening day and they can't make it because, oh yah, she wants me to go to the movies with her this saturday...wtf!!!
Any way, some of us get it and some don't. I don't hold it against my friends, they are really great guys, but I guess when I tell someone that i get tunnel vision during hunting season and i say that I am obsessed with the "fever" I should make sure I am sharing that enthusiasm with folks like you guys. I am new to this site, I wish that I had found it sooner. If any of you would like to pm me, reply to this reply, email me for future hunting planning or call it would be just fine. I would love to stay in contact with avid hunters. Like I said, I still need a hunting partner, I live in Mountain home idaho, would be great to hear from any of you. Canne Taylor.
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Oh yah, Cody>>>
You should email me, seriously. We could be a hell of a team next year.

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