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See these "Wacky Tree Stands"???

I thought you guys might enjoy some pictures of "Wacky Tree Stands" I found.

They came from an NRA magazine - recent issue. I applaude the people that made some of these... real works of art.

Some a large enough to be called a Hunting Camp rather than a stand.
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See these "Wacky Tree Stands"???

Very creative Yes I do like the first one, I could live in that year round lol I'm getting some real good ideas for myself.

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See these "Wacky Tree Stands"???

haha, good stuff!

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See these "Wacky Tree Stands"???

Great! I have an old 24' pull trailer I've been trying to figure out what to do with.

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See these "Wacky Tree Stands"???

and I have a 60 foot trailer that I'm supposed to remove from the property before I can get a CO on my house. Maybe I can just put some polls under it and call it a tree stand instead! cool

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See these "Wacky Tree Stands"???

I'm kind of leaning towards the "multi functional " construction type toilet. The obvious advantages during inclement weather compares to nothing else Yes

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