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second seasons

Our second segment of the modern firearm season for deer starts this coming Saturday. The situation is way different than the last "opener". I figure I'll likely hunt the afternoon at my planned spot, since it's a big crop area. They will be feeding in the harvested fields and my previous experience is that they will move early if it's cold, OR if no one has been there to bother them lately.

I've only been here to bother you all, since Tennessee's gun season ended a few weeks ago, so I should be GOOD TO GO!! LOL!!

Here's where my Steiners and my nice .270 WSM come into play. I made a shot with one of my .35 Whelens about two years ago that dropped a decent Tn 8 pnt at about 225 yds from this same stand, but, I'm going to be really well prepared and use one of my new fangled long range thingys! 

Luck to all out lookin' this weekend!!  Thumbs up

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Dont forget to take that

Dont forget to take that shoot'n stick with ya...Mite come in handy go' to an from stand...Goood Luck!

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how'd u make out?

How did you make out with the second season?

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I guess he's out hunting or

I guess he's out hunting or hasn't made it back to this thread yet.

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