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Point Creep

pnelson wrote:

I wonder how bad the point creep will be now for this unit?


I do not think that unit 40 gets affected like the other units just because of all the private. Especially now that the CPW is posting it in the regs. Most guys will not take the chance to spend a bunch of points in a unit with so much private to deal with unless they go with an guide and outfitter. And that costs lots of money !!!!!!!


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Quinton - Thats what I'm

Quinton - Thats what I'm hoping for too. It seems though I have been one point behind the min. since 2010 for a late rifle tag, and the tag numbers haven't been decreased. I think with 5 PP this fall I have a good chance for a 3rd rifle. The moon phase is going to be excellent in early Nov. I was looking at Steve Biggerstaff website and the cost for a guided private land hunt would break the bank. Preston

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