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Sebago's Thin Ice

Think Ok- before I get hammered on this post, my opinion may be slanted due to my involvement in public safety. But has anyone been following the mess on the Sebago Lake Ice Derby in Maine this weekend? I'm shocked by some of the statements of some of the Sports out on the lake, actually ripping the Maine Warden Service, The Cumberland County Sherriff's Department and the Raymond Fire Department for shutting down the derby. Are you insane? Seven people went in the drink that we know of, several ATV's, including a Warden. Hey, I love hunting and fishing just as much as the next guy or gal. But to put the public safety workers lives in danger so you can catch a togue is just nuts! Not to mention leaving your kids without a parent because it's February and time to ice fish. Once again, just because there is ice- it does not mean it's time to drive your truck on it. I guess that's why we call it job security- you can't fix stupid Yes Yes Yes

Please---stay safe.

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Re: Sebago's Thin Ice

Oh I agree!! Common sense and safety should always be practiced when engaging in recreation. Not that I don't mind thrills too, but you just have to be smart about it.

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Re: Sebago's Thin Ice

I'm with you! And you didn't mention the gas and oil released into the water when a vehicle go in! Or the possibility of dieing.

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Re: Sebago's Thin Ice

We've had a rash of vehicles going through the river ice here, and 2 fatalities, as everyone scrambles to get their shacks off since it looks like we're in for an early thaw. I pulled mine 2 weeks ago...no shack is worth dying for.

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