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Season sure seems a long way off...

But it's not like I'm not enjoying the prep, and anticipation.  Since I've been 'out' of hunting for quite a while, several years in fact,  this winter has been 'gearing up' time for me.  I didn't need a LOT of stuff... had my rifles, obviously... but good hunting boots, a nice sleeping bag, some new cookware, etc etc.... been fun.   Lots of online trips to Cabela's, Gander Mountain, BassPro... even one 'live' visit to a somewhat close BassPro... Disneyland for men... well, ladies as well.  My granddaughter LOVES it.

The "Best" part is scouting the ranch.  Getting an early read on where the "blacktails" are hanging out, how they're moving, what sources of food and water they're using.  Doesn't hurt to get them used to the sound of my ATV going up and down the hills either.  Big smile

With my grandkid's along we're getting a lot of 'hunting' lessons accomplished even though we're  nearly 6 months from opening day.  Took a great deal of pride recently when my grandson's took along a friend and as we headed onto the ranch they admonished him, "ssssssh, you have to talk in a whisper". :) 

March... not as fun as hunting season itself, but not bad either.  Big smile - JamesJM

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I certainly understand

I certainly understand wanting the season to get under way. At least you know you'll be ready. Good luck on your hunts.

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Sounds like your having a

Sounds like your having a good time; nothing else matter's!

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