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SEAC 99th meeting on Friday 14th December 2007

SEAC 99th meeting on Friday 14th December 2007



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SEAC 99th meeting on Friday 14th December 2007

I read as much of the information contained in the SEAC meeting report as I could and I didn't see anything related to wild sheep in North America. I also checked all your past posts. I don't get it. Whats up with this stuff? Do you have any info that is directly related to wild sheep?

I would love to read about your hunting trip from this past season. Did you do any? How about your opinion on bullet selection? You seem like a really smart guy, maybe you could post something on sectional densities of various bullet diameters.

Believe me, I see that you have a cause that you would like to promote, but your posts are killin the thread dude. People stop checking the board when they see you are the most recent post because they are not seeing how this relates to the subject. Personally, I get very little time in the day to explore my new found obsession and there are very few place that focus on the subject. Lets talk about sheep hunting.
Okay, I'll start.......

It was a Dark and Stormy Night as I left my truck and started down the trail to the ..........


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