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S.Dakota light goose spring hunt

Looking for information on light goose hunting in S. Dakota. Public areas or areas to gain access to private. What Part of S.Dakota to go..

Please help any thing will be very appreciated.

Can resipercate with anyone wanting to hunt Oregon for Mule deer or Elk or Waterfowl


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S.Dakota light goose spring hunt

Hey, having hunted the vaunted sky maggot in SD for several years here are some recommendations.
Try concentrating your efforts to the east central part of the state. Namely around Mitchell/Huron area and east. They seem to fly the James river drainage. Aberdeen/Watertown area is also very good.
A lot of snow geese are shot jumping flooded fields and staging between feeding flocks and pass shooting. Concentrate on corn stubble. A large flock can clean a large field in a short time.
Some people use decoys but the success is varied and the size of the spread is usually so large that it reduces your mobility.
Stay mobile. Look for flocks that are circling (tornado) and you will more than likely find several thousand on the ground and then you can set up your game plan from there. In SD it is legal (although not always advised) to shoot from the road and right of way for snow geese. Be sure to be more than 660 feet from livestock or buildings.
Public ground is abundant in the east side of the state with a lot of wetlands under the public control. In my experience most private landowners will let you hunt snows but be sure to respect the land and walk in, not drive, due to the muddy conditions you will encounter.
If you are able, hunt the snow line. Snow will begin to melt from south to north and the geese are always in a hurry to move north. If you find an area without snow and snow only a few miles away this would be a great place to start looking.
Personally I have had my best hunting jump shooting and pass shooting. Not much luck with decoys. Just some thought. Hope it helps.