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SD Speed Goats

My dad and I went on our first pronghorn hunt ever and managed to tag two dandy goats..Even though it rained every day of our trip I put my first goat on the ground. He had 15 inch horns with 4 inch cutters and my dad's topped that.. its def. a B&C candidate..check out these hogs..It was well worth the two year wait to hunt north of Faith, SD!

dad goat 2 (2).jpg
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derek good goat.jpg
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SD Speed Goats

Holy Crap, you guys hit the jackpot! Seriously, great job those are some nice trophies.

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SD Speed Goats

Congrats! Those are some nice looking goats! Big smile

And welcome to BGH! Good to have you here.

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SD Speed Goats

Nice bucks! congrats Thumbs up

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SD Speed Goats

Nice looking goats. Congrats