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SD public land Mule deer

New to the site and first time mule deer hunters and have lots of Questions

I'm trying to plan a trip for an archery SD public land mule deer hunt with my dad and 2 brothers we are very excited to try a western hunt. None of us have ever hunted for them (Mullies) before so we are not looking for trophies just for action and a shot at a decent buck.

I was looking into the Buffalo gap area by wall and also the public land around hot springs but we are open to suggestions I don't want to take any secret spots but any pointers would be great. I've been studying on what to look for but am still pretty lost. What kind of cover and area to look for? we plan on camping were we hunt. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Also If we buy the state wide archery is that good for the Black hills NF or is that separate? again any help and pointers greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!

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