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Scratched Out Yet Another Single

Well...Kiwi continues to keep scratching out singles!

Though what a difference a week makes...last Sunday we had our pick of which walk-in properties to hunt on that dreary day! ...this week, it was a madhouse again due to all the fair weather hunters sneaking back out on us! :(...oh well, enjoyed another great day with my a buddy, his son and my best friend Kiwi!

You go girl!

PB272467 - Copy.JPG
PB272467 - Copy.JPG2.76 MB
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It isnt it great that there

It isnt it great that there are fair weather hunters so you can at least get some days to hunt without too much competition and pressure.  Congratulations on your hunt.

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Nice bird, and good looking

Nice bird, and good looking dog.  makes for a great photo!  Congrats!

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dogs and birds

I'll admit to being a die-hard deer hunter. BUT, I also have always enjoyed some bird hunting both early and late in the fall & winter. Alas, we have very few birds here anymore in this area of Tennessee. However, I did see a good sized covey of quail a few weeks ago that might get me back there come January.

What I'm trying to say here is that I understand scratching them out and also, that good dog work is truly a joy to experience. Congrats on your hunt(s)!  Thumbs up

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One is better than none. I

One is better than none. I mostly enjoy watching the dogs work a field. My son and I went to a walk in area over here for pheasants and we only got one but it sure was fun.

 Nice job, your dog is all smiles.

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