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Scouting trip southwest Idaho, finally saw wild Turkey!

Well many of you more experienced guys might not think it's a big deal to see a Wild Turkey but for me it is a huge event. I just moved to Idaho five months ago from Southern California (please don't hold that against me). Anyway, as you would might guess from where I grew up that nobody ever took me hunting as a kid, and I got a late start in this game of skill. When I first went to hunters safety course and got a hunting lisence all I had was a 12 guage. I'm not sure exactly when or why it happened but I set my sights on bagging a Wild Turkey. Well after several seasons of hoofing it through the public forests of Southern California I never even saw a single Turkey. I had talked to the occasional person who said they had seen some here or there but I had spent many hours sitting in front of a tree yelping away on my box call with probably litte or no chance of finding a bird on public land. But since moving to Idaho I have been looking foreward to this comming spring season, and went out today to check out an area in the Boise national forest. I was concerned that it might be a bit too snowy for off road travel but since it hasn't snowed in a couple of weeks I decided that it might be my best shot untill Spring, so my wife and I headed out to do some exploring. It wasn't long after getting to where I had wanted to check out (due to word of mouth, maps, satellite images...etc). That ran into my first Wild Turkeys ever, man was I excited! It was a group of five or six youg males foraging and scratching the ground just like I had watched on T.V. so many times Oops! . Then we drove on a bit further and I could not believe my eyes. There were a lorge group of Turkey about 100 yrds ahead of us right next to the road. After looking at them through my binos I counted about 24 hens. Then just to give it a try I hopped out of the truck and started working the box call, and they started talking back Thumbs up . It was so neat to acctually hear them putting and clucking and yelping in real life. That and getting to see their tracks and scratches and even droppings in real life was esciting as heck for me. In all I think I saw about 50 birds today. I am very optomistic now for Turkey season. And we saw some Elk, Moutain lion, Bear, and possibly Wolf tracks( or someones big dogs) in the snow, as well as four Does on they way home. I am very happy to be here in Idaho. I really wish I had brought my camera, I guess I wasn't really expecting to see anything.

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Scouting trip southwest Idaho, finally saw wild Turkey!

Happy to hear you had such a great experience Big smile Turkeys are alot of fun to chase Thumbs up

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