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Scouting NW Colorado

Thought I'd share a few videos from this past weekend. I learned a lot of different access points to public land, discovered some new spots and eliminating others. Best of all, I saw elk! Not the best quality video, but hope you enjoy.




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It is always fun getting out

It is always fun getting out and learning some new country and seeing animals while you are doing it. 

There was one year that I was hunting in Utah that we spend every night in a different spot.  We just drove around looking at things until it started to get dark, then we would park and throw a tarp out on the ground, cook dinner and go to bed only to start it all over the next day.  To this day I still know that area quite well.  

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Very nice, gets the blood

Very nice, gets the blood pumping for sure. Now to see those big boys when season is open and a tag in hand. Thanks for sharing.

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