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scouting new area

recently i have moved to new location just outside of the city. i am totally new to bear hunting but not to hunting in general. me and a good friend have had interest in the past few yrs of getting into bear hunting. earlier this summer we mannaged to see a nice bear cross the highway not far from my place and sense then have been thinking maybe we have a good opertunity close by. I was out walkign around in the woods on various trials just looking around and had the rifle with me sense it is deer season. not really looking to hard for any sign of anything, just more of what is out there as far as hunting land and marking wheeler trials and such on my gps. now tomorow or wed i will be heading back out for another look, but this time i want to look for sign of bear as well as deer. I just dont really know where to start when it comes to looking for bear. what type of markings to bear tend to leave besides tracks. the woods seem very dense/thick in this area and i should mention that there is a very large landfill site within 1-2 miles of this area. I have heard that dumps attract bear, if so, will i be able to use this to my advantage. we have a spring and a fall season for bear and we are able to bait which i am considering at this time. However first i want to make sure there is something out there too hunt besides deer.

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scouting new area

PM sent!

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