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Scouting Cameras

Hey new member here-

Anybody have a real preference for a specific scouting camera? I have a few now including stealthcams, cuddleback, etc. Just wanted to see what others have experienced. Thanks.

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Scouting Cameras

In my experience the Deer Cam DC-100 was the best. I have the DC 100, had a DC-200 and i have a Moultrie 4.1. The DC-200 never took a picture, i sent it in 3 times and they told me it was fine each time i just never took a picture. Ive taken more than 200 with my DC-100 and all the deer were perfectly centered. The moutlrie is good and has amazing quality pics but a slow reaction time, so you have to put it on a feeder or something like that.

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