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scouting august archery

When do ya'll start looking for somewhere to put up a ground blind. I have always been a spot and get busted 15 times before getting a shot guy. My son turns 4 in may and he's going with me, so we are going to sit in a blind this year and I have no experience with blinds. I have bought two though and have tons of ground to hunt, but when do I start and how long before season should the blinds be out? Any other info would be great. Thanks

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Re: scouting august archery

If you have the land, then you need to mark the water holes. Determine how many goats are in the area. If your looking for a big boy, then find him, then find out the water holes that he may be going to. I usually start in July when everything is dried up.

From my experience, I would not worry about setting up a portable ground blind any sooner than the night before, or the morning you hunt. I would try to set up on a water hole that is far enough from other water holes to keep those goats coming in. If it's to simple for them to just go over the hill to another water hole, then you take your chances.

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Re: scouting august archery

stringmusic said it well. Antelope on their summer ranges seem to be pretty territorial so if you find out where they water in July you'll be looking good for August (just pray that late summer thunderstorms don't dump rain in your area).

They don't seem to take very long to get used to a blind on a water hole. If you can it would be a good idea to set up the blind several days in advance. Had a doe use the side of my blind as a scratching post once (pretty neat!) with the blind being on site for about a week. Don't think she would have been so comfortable if the blind had been put up the night before. You problably won't be hunting does but I garauntee your future hunting partner won't care less, he'll be excited to see critters of any type.

Good Luck!!