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We're in the dog days of summer and I'm planning to get out scouting for my fall moose hunt in southeast NH. Our season here is Oct 16th-24th. I believe that is the tail end of the rut, maybe post-rut. The areas we'll be concentrating on are the larger tracts of wooded property in the unit. This is NH so there are plenty of swamps, ooops..... I mean "wetlands". I expect we'll be able to find some moose around this summer. The question I have is, "Will they inhabit the same summer habitat in the rut/post-rut time frame?" Since the area I'll be hunting in is pretty developed, I expect the moose don't range as far as they might in the deep woods. What do the moose do in the big woods? Do you still find them around water in the post-rut or do they head for the hills? There isn't a lot of logging activity in this unit so that eliminates that type of moose magnet. What do the moose experts have to say?

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I"m certainly no expert,

I"m certainly no expert, but from my experience I'd suggest looking for grassy, marshy areas flush with red willow, preferably surrounded by big timber.  Find the red willow's I suspect you'll find moose.  (if I'm not mistaken they're the kind of willow you can eat, or make a tea out of that's sort of like asprin?)

I'd suggest you try cow calling during your season.  "Post rut" means the cows aren't interested anymore.  We all know that doesn't mean the bulls aren't up for a little exta.  In love

Where we hunt moose the rut's on till it snows and winter hits.  Then all the ungulates just disappear like ghosts.  Confused

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One big thing that is

One big thing that is overlooked, at least this time of year, is water... But not for drinking.  Those critters are magnets for flies, and in this heat, they will head for water to lay down in and keep cool and get the flies off. 


By the time you are hunting, the flies may not be too bad.  I would look for a concentration of cows at that time and hang out there for a bull.  Find out when the approximate rut is and try calling.  Works good in the big woods.

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Sit in the shade...

They don't travel far, and they'll almost certainly be near water or wetlands. In the summer it's too hot so they don't move much, and the bugs are bad...in winter (at least around here where the lakes all freeze over) they head into the deep bush to get out of the bitter wind but usually still "near" marshy areas which typically have a lot of willow/alder browse for them. Regenerating clear-cuts will also be a food source in winter.

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They say the moose head for the hardwood ridges around here once winter sets in. In a bad snow year I would think that they would get driven out of high ground. Come to think of it, the snow isn't much deeper on the ridges around here because the hills aren't that high like they are up in the White Mtns. We're too close to the coast. I think they eat red maple and willow. Probably some aspen/birch. Power lines and gas lines should be good since they have plenty of new growth.

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Well, I got out last Friday eve and Saturday and checked out a couple of the hot spots. We saw a couple sets of tracks. One looked pretty fresh. Saw where there was some red maple browsed over but it looked old. Saw a nice buck. Pretty wide but not a lot of points. He was with a doe. Many of the marshes around here are really low. Some are dried up. Looks like the water level is about a foot and a half low. We weren't out early enough to see any moose. Found quite a few posted signs, too. I hope to get out in the evenings til dark and see what I can see. What type of aquatic plants do moose eat? Water lilies? What are the favorite browse besides willows? I didn't see much willow around the bogs.

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