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Scott Brown video

This commercial ran mostly in Massachusetts, but I think it's worth viewing. Check out how many views this video has received. To me this indicates that our nation is ready for a true "change"!


We of course know that the seemingly impossible did happen in MA!

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Re: Scott Brown video

I've seen that video before, but what fascinates me are the comments. That really tells you what people are thinking. For example, I like the one about picking up the pieces from the great Bush recession, and Bush's war based on lies.

Is that all these people have to cling to? I guess I just don't understand the "Blame Bush" mentality -- the same people that hold Bush solely accountable for a terrorist attack that happened just over 8 months into his presidency still refuse to hold Obama responsible for anything after more than a year of his. Even after Obama pushed to keep Bush's Federal Reserve Chairman in place.

It just amazes me...that's all these people have. They can't adjust, they can't adapt...all they can do is keep repeating the same mantra. What sounded like protest a couple years ago just sounds delusional today. I can't help but think about the Japanese WWII soldier found hiding out on Guam in 1972 who didn't know the war was over. How many years will these people hang on to the Bush boogeyman in order to avoid dealing with the reality around them?

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Re: Scott Brown video

The blame Bush tactic has been over used by the left. It's like an old plastic cup that holds less and less water each time it's used. It worked last November. It was getting old by last January. I was really getting battered and cracked by August and now it's just leaking all over. Funny how when your in charge there's no one else to blame! Pretty soon as another democrat said the buck starts stopping with you. Either they are going to have to start solving a few problems or find another scapegoat.