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Score another for Obama and the anti's

Maybe this was posted back in March, but it says it happend and was "largely unnoticed".  The quotes will get you guys all giddy, especially from the Brady campaign guy.....



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What a crock scum bags will

What a crock scum bags will get guns law or no law.

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What problem?

Has the CMP ever had a problem with M1 Garands getting into the wrong hands?  Nope!!

Criminals get guns by stealing them or from the black market, not by buying them legally.

I do think it sucks that Korea is trying to sell us back property that belongs to the US Military to begin with.  But if those rifles ended up back in the hands of our government they'd just turn around and chop them up anyway like they did with a lot of firearms deemed obsolete i.e .38 Spcl revolvers, M-14 rifles, M1911A1's, etc.

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