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Scope recommendation for a 300 WSM?

I use my 300wsm in a variety of terrains for Elk and Black Bear. Most of which are the heavy forests of Washington with clear cuts. I put a Leupold 2x-7x 32 on it and it has worked just fine for 3 seasons.
For deer and other critters I use other rifles.
A 270wsm with a 10x Bushnell Elite in the open prairies and desert.
A 30-06 with a Burris 3x-9x 40 as an all around hunter when the weather is wet and a short compact 30-06 with a 4x Leupold, when I'm hunting the thick dense undergrowth of the rain forests.

I like all three makes. They all have good clarity. I can't say that one is better than the other but, the Elite is a very nice scope.
If I was going to use the 300wsm in Montana. It would have a 3x-9x 40+ Elite on it.

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Scope recommendation for a 300 WSM?

Leupold and Burris are great choices I would out rule a Nikon Monarch either If it was me I would go with a 4-12 in Leupold or a 4.5 -14 in Burriss here in Colorado there are some Open long shots a 3-9 is good for almost any type hunting as you can usally get closer

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Scope recommendation for a 300 WSM?

Ok , so what scope did you finally put on your rifle , i bought one last month and right know im on the same position looking for a scope ,im definitly going whit leupold just need to be decide what magnification .

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Scope recommendation for a 300 WSM?

i put a 4-12x40mm adjustable objective bushnell elite 3200 on my 300 wsm and it works fabulous. great for the longer shots! just as good as the more money scopes as far as i'm concerned. put one one trust me you wont be disappointed Thumbs up