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Scope rails and mounts

Hi folks, I recently bought myself a new 30-06 which came with Nikko Sterling rails and mounts - I wouldn't be posting this if they worked as I'd hoped, but on the first couple of trips to the range the scope fell off the rifle completely!

Now I've got this same set-up on another rifle and it works just fine, but having lost confidence in these I binned them and went looking for a better solution.

As I also have a 6x42 leopold scope for this rifle I decided to go for their furniture and am delighted to reoprt that fitting them was a joy and since I've fired over a hundred rounds through it with no problem, feel confident in recommending these to the board!

Hope this helps!

Also - I'm interested in some quick-release mounts for my .375 H&H - any suggestions would be most appreciated!



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