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Scope for new Elk rifle

Well, after hunting this season with my 270, I have decidec to buy a 338win mag Tikka T3 Lite. I know the recoil will be harsh but I don't plan to spend hours at the range and want something lite to carry in the mountains and back pack hunts.

I am looking for opinions on scopes for this gun and caliber. I would like to stay under the 1000$ limit. I have Leupolds on all my other guns and have been happy with them.

would a 3x9 power be enough? I don't see myself shooting past 300 yards but want to be able to shhot out to 500 if needed.

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If you want to keep it light

If you want to keep it light and simple then go with a fixed 4x or 6x scope. Other than that a 3-9x will be fine. My .340 Weatherby carries a 3.5x10 VX III Leupold on it.

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338 win mag scope

Critter, I agree 100%. Rem742, I was shopping for a scope too. My friend was not hunting this year, and loaned me his 338 win mag with a Leupold fixed 4X. I was holding a 4 inch pattern at 200 yards using 210 grain pills. I was comfortable with the scope, I set it for 250 yards, and then shot at 100 yards the second time to ensure I knew comp difference. The bottom line is, I will be shopping for a fixed power scope. I could easily shot at an elk at 300 yards, if needed, but out to 500 yards, I don't think so. I could see the orange bulls eye VERY clear at 200 yards. Save yourself some money, and shop for a fixed power scope. Happy hunting.

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I've been using the same

I've been using the same scope as Critter on my main rifle for years and love it. But if buying another it will be the 4.5x14 as the size and weight are the same. Will also be the CDS model with custom dial tailored to you exact load for langer shooting. Been playing with one of those and very impressed. $600 pretty much covers one.

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Scope for elk rifle

My main elk rifle for the past 40 or so years  carried a 3-9x Weaver on it, and most of the elk that I killed with it were probably shot at the 3 or 4x setting.

My favorite deer and antelope rifle for the last 30+ years has a 6x Leupold on it.  All of my mountain sheep were also killed with that rifle and scope.

A few years ago I finally built my dream elk rifle, a .300 Weatherby, and I topped it with a Leupold 4-12x.  Sometimes I think I should have got Leupold's B&C Reticle, but so far the Duplex reticle has worked just fine.  Sighted in 2" high at 100 yds my 168 gr Barnes TTSX handloads are only 2.5" low at 300 yds and 6.4" low at 350 yds which is as far as I've ever shot anything.

I recently mounted a Nikon 4-12x with their BDC reticle on my 7mm Rem mag just to see how the modern technology works.  Our range has gongs out to 450 yds, so this rig should be fun to play with.


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With a budget of $1K you have a lot of choices.  If you want something pretty light and as good as glass gets the Swaro Z3, 3x9x36 is about $700.