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Scope for new Browning 300 Win Mag?

I'm looking at buying a Browning 300 Win Mag and am trying to learn more about the best scope for this gun for my annual Colorado elk hunt.Would be interested in comments from the community on the best value for good optics for this gun.What would you recommend and why? What is the most affordable scope with ballistic compensation, etc.? 2013 will be only my second elk hunt and I want to give myself the best chances at success. Been whitetail hunting in Texas for years...

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Welcome to the forum. As

Welcome to the forum. As for a scope I am a big fan of Leupold's variable power ones. Most of my rifles carry a VXII in 3x9 but I do have a couple VXIII's one is a 6.5x20 AO on a 22-250 and the other is a 3.5x10 on my .340 Weatherby. I personally don't think that you can go wrong with any of their scopes.

For a little less money you can check out the new Redfields that are made my Leupold. Or check out the Vortex brand. The Vortex is up and coming and they offer quite a bit of scope for the money.

As for one with a ballistic compensation, I couldn't tell you. I am one that believes that if you know what your rifle is going to do at various ranges and know how to shoot it then you should be OK. I know of a couple of hunters that have missed out on nice elk by the time that they pulled out their range finder and then adjusted their scope to the correct range. By the time they had done all this the animal was out of sight. Granted there are times that you have the time to do all the figuring but there are a lot of times that you don't.

If you set up your rifle and scope for a 200 yard zero you will be on the animal with very little adjustment out to 400 yards.

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Thanks for the reply; point

Thanks for the reply; point well-taken on the ballistic compensation. I have Leopolds on both of my 6.8 SPC AR rifles and they're great scopes. Looking at getting Browning's .300 Win Mag with the BOSS system. I think with this gun and a good scope, zeroed in at 200 yards, I should be in good shape.

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There are a lot of good Scopes, it really comes down to personal preference, I use a Bushnell Legend 5 x 15 x 40 mill dot and I love it. My suggestion would be go to a place like Cabela's to where you can check out a bunch of different ones and see what you like the best.


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Thanks!   That's exactly what



That's exactly what I plan to do; just wanted to narrow it down a bit.

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That's some good advice critter. I have a vortex scope with the Dead Hold BDC and in the manual that came with it.....it says; (The reticle will only work for different ranges at the highest magnification setting of your riflescope. The main crosshair and its corresponding range can be used at any magnification.) I also have a Leupold VXIII on a 338Win that I just love.

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Yep I have a Leupold VXIII on my Ruger 300 Win Mag and just love it. Couldn't ask for anything better.

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I'm using a Zeiss HD5 5-25x50 0n my .300 Win Mag with a Z800 reticle and like it. In the country I hunt close is 300 Yards.

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7mm WSM Round for White Tail & Elk?


I'm looking to buy a Browning A-Bolt rifle. The one I wanted in 300 win mag is no longer available. I have found the same rifle in 7mm WSM, and wanted some comment/opinion on both the rifle (Browning A-Bolt Eclipse with Boss system) and the round, 7mm WSM. I'll be using this gun for white tail deer in Texas and also Elk in Colorado.


Thoughts on the 7mm WSM and the A-Bolt Eclipse with Boss?

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I have had good results with 7mm Rem Mag with the boss muzzle brake good shooter and plenty of power for elk. Mine shoots the 175 gr TSX pretty well and it is very dependable bullet. I have no experience with the short mag but if the bullet enters the body in the right spot there will be a dead elk.

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7mm WSM for Big Game

Thanks Nick: I had a buddy state that the 7mm WSM round is not nearly as easy to find on some shelves. In fact, Cabelas only offers 6 choices of round in 7mm WSM and offers over 20 in regular 7mm mag.

He also said, in his opinion, that it was a GREAT round up to 200 yards,but past that dropped off dramatically for big game. So far, the heaviest round I've been able to find is 160 grain, which might be adequate in some cases with a perfect shot, but my preference for big game would be at least 175 grain. I'm concerned that the 160 grain round might not have enough power for 300 + yard shots...

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