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scope mounts

I'm building my elk rifle (mauser 98 action) and my gunsmith wants to know what type of scope mounts I am planning to use so he knows how to drill my reciever. I have narrowed the choice of scope I will buy down to 3 or 4 but have never had to pick what type of mount to use. Any suggestions? 1 or 2 piece? Why? Thanks in advance for the input

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scope base

I am by no means an expert but this is what I have. My 700 Rem has 2-piece bases, my WIn Mod 70 has 2-piece bases, my Rem 600 has a 1-piece base. I usually buy what's available for that gun. A more important choice, and one that may dictate which base you buy is what brand rings you prefer. They attach to the bases in different ways. Some use dovetails, like Weaver, others use different methods. All of my rifles wear Leopold scopes. The Win 70 and Rem 700 have Leopold bases and rings. The Rem 600 has Leopold Rings with, I believe, a Redfield base. I didn't realize Redfield used the same type of ring base as Leopold so I bought the Leopold 1-piece base but didn't need it. I just left the old base on after checking to make sure the screws were tight. They use the twist-in front scope ring with the windage adjustable screw clamp type rear ring. Decide which ring mounting you prefer and get the bases to go with the rings.

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