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Scope advice for NH deer hunter

I have a .308 Remington. i'm looking to hunt deer in the woods this fall. i'm looking at Leopold scopes but i'm not sure what power to get. any suggestions?

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Scope advice for NH deer hunter

For woods hunting, a lower power scope with a wide field of view is best. On my two .308 rifles I have Leupold 2x7 and 1x6.75 power scopes. On the lowest power setting they have a wide field of view and are very fast to use, On longer shots, they have all the magnification I need.

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Scope advice for NH deer hunter

Are you only hunting in woods or do you hunt some fields too? If you are hunting strickly woods do you really need a scope or can you get by with iron sights? Judging from your location I would guess it's a lot like the way we hunt in south central New York. I agree with Old Professer stay with lower power scopes. I use use a Marlin Lever 30-30 with a Leupold 2-7x33 shotgun scope on it. I find the Heavy Duplex Retical is just right for woods shooting and small open fields.

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Scope advice for NH deer hunter

Some good advice but I say never say never. I agree 100 % with the larger objective but I would say a 3X9X42. You keep it on 3 or 4 power when the shooting is thick and close. As the woods (fields?) open up you increase your magnification. That 308 will shoot a long way and if you get that once (maybe twice) in a lifetime 300yd shot that 9 power will come in handy.

When I hunt the big woods up in the Adk mts all my rifles that are scoped max out at 9 or 10 power and when I am on watch in the morning or evening I got the power cranked righ up. Just got to remember to lower it back down whey you are walking back to camp!

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