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Scope Adjustment
I am working on my CZ American .22 and have the Yo-Dave trigger kit ready to install. Will do that in the following weeks. Deciding what glass to park on top.
Did some glass swapping after purchasing a new piece of glass for my center fire varminter.
Left me with a Leupold Veri-X II 3x9. A little more power than I really wanted for a .22 rimfire but the price was right, if ya know what I mean.
Decided to send it back to Leupold to get the parallax changed to 70 yds (Original for that scope is 150 yds). You could of knocked me over with a feather when they quoted me a price of $14.99.
While there they; Adj paprallax, complete internal inspection, mechanical inspection, replaced adj elevation, replaced adj windage, REPLACED objective lens (minor scratch) reworked erector system.

All for the low, low price of nothing, noda, zero, zip and or zilch!
They took care of the parallax issue in the coarse of the other repairs!
They even paid the return shipping!

Here in lies the reason I have been a Leupold optics fan for many years.
I am not and never have been an affiliate of the Leupold company in any way shape or form.

Wind at your back . . .

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I have never been a Leupold

I have never been a Leupold fan but I do recommend them. Just for the reason you mentioned, service second to none. I have a Nikon scope with a BDC reticule in it and called Nikon to see about getting it changed, not a chance! Frustrating to say the least.

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Leupold gave my a new pair a

Leupold gave my a new pair a of bino's after the eyecup broke, I had them for over four years of hard use. They told me to send them to them so they could check it out and the next week I had a new pair at my door step, at no charge.

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A bunch of years ago, when I

A bunch of years ago, when I lived in Alaska, a friend found a Leupold scope in a river. He decided to see if Leupold could fix it for a reasonable cost. He sent it in, told them where he found it and they sent him a new scope for free. Absolutely nothing compares to a Leupold guarentee!

The only reason Jesus rose from the grave is one of his follower's dug him up and sent him to Leupold and they fixed him for free!Whistling

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I'm a big fan of Leupold.  Though I've had the chance to use various scope over the years from 3 figure $$$ Schmit & Bender down to .10 cent Tasco I've only ever bought Leupolds for my rifles.  Always thought that Leupold makes a very great optic.  They represent what US made products traditionally used to - great solid quality, functionability, and durability all at a reasonable price. 

The comment JJD makes about their service is all too common.  I've heard first hand and have also read too many similar stories about this type of stuff that it really puts a smile on my face when I think about Leupold as a company.  I only ever dealt with Leupolds customer service once and that was me making a phone call to ask a simple (probably dumb) question about why they stopped stamping their scopes with the Made in USA label starting sometime after 2003 or so.  I was met by a service rep who was courteous, friendly, helpful, and didn't give me a BS answer either.  I found the rep to be so proud of the product that he was all too happy to be very truthful in answering my simple question and seemed eager to do so.  Their reps really seem to know their products and even the reasons behind some the little stuff too, and they give a damn. You gotta love people like that!

It sure was a far cry from my experience with the people at Zeiss.  The first thing they do at Zeiss is try and cover their backend with lawyer talk so that they don't have to spend a dime helping their customers. 

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I had the same eyecup problem

I had the same eyecup problem with a pair of binos this last year also. The damage was my own fault and I nearly threw them away.

On a whim I just sent them in with a note asking how much to get them fixed. Three weeks later I had a brand new pair arrive at the house. No note, no questions.

I will continue to buy their prducts because of this fine service.

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I have Leupolds on the three

I have Leupolds on the three rifles I use most often out in Wyoming and everything you guys have stated is exactly why!!!