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Scope for 375

Hey guys have a question. I recently aquired a CZ 375 H&H and wanting to scope it. It has good express sights but smile I just bought my rings for it, warne lookes like good strong rings. The only scopes I have are a sightron S1 3-9x40 which had really good glass I think just as bright and sharp as my Leupold and a Bushnell Banner dusk to dawn 3-9x40. Oh the Leupold is already spoken for on my 270. The Banner was on a 450 Marlin GG. Which one would be better for the 375? I only have these 2 scopes left, the Banner held up really well on the 450 and has really good eye relief and field of view. I got it due it was alittle shorter then most 3-9's. I 'm not sure how the Sightron will hold up to the recoil. Any advise would be great?????

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Scope for 375

I have a Browning 375 H&H. It is a great rifle. I have a Leupold 2.5X8 VX-III. You need a premium scope for this rifle. The recoil will tell you when you shoot it. You really don't need a high power scope due to the range of the gun is not that long distance. The Accu Bond Scope 260gr bullet is a great choice for shooting long shots. I have used mine for elk; blue bull and it work great. I recommend it highly and if you top you’re off with a Leupold you will never regret it.