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I am looking to purchase a new scope for my 303 and looking at the bushnell legend and the simmons pro hunter .Can anyone tell me which would be the better scope to purchase

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I don't know anything about the Simmons scopes so would not recommend one even tho it may be a good scope. For an answer to a suggestion to someone I don't know I tend to always take the easy way out, go with established brand names. Bushnell, Leupold , Nikon ect. Either of those can be had in the $150 to $175 range. I don't recommend a lower oriced Bushnell than that tho. On the Simmons, I would take a look at it probably but with the cost and the quality of the Leupold, Nikon and better Bushnells, I doubt I'd get one.

I never owned a Leupold but their reputation is pretty much flawless. never heard of a problem thar they didn't fix right now even to the point of giving a new scope. With the Nikon, their warrenty claims it's guarented for like reguardless if it changes hands or how many times. I have two of them, no problems. The Bushnell is an old name that makes junk to fine scopes. I have a Bushnell Banner on my 25-06 that's been there over 15 yrs and going strong. There's also another Bushnell Scope Chief, I think that's what it is, I gave my son for his 243 that's older than dirt. I have had problems with a newer lower end Bushnell and that's why I've got two Nikons now rather than one.

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Re: scope

I have used Bushnell products and am quite happy with them. One thing that makes or breaks a company for me is customer service and Bushnell's customer service is very good.

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