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Can someone tell me how to sight in a scope

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The above link gives you a pretty good idea of scope sighting. Saying that, a lot depends on the rifle calibre, scope specs and mounts etc.

If you can give us all the specs, you'll be sure to get some good input from the guys & gals here.

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It's difficult to try and explain it in detail here on a forum. There are hunting and shooting books that detail it. Also a good instructor or hunter could show you.

If it's already been bore sighted, then set up on a good benchrest at 50 yards and fire 5 shots aimed at the bulls eye on the target. Don't look at your holes until all five shots have been fired with the cross hairs on the bulls eye. Now look at your groups of bullet holes. Where did they hit on paper? Probably not on the bulls eye. Count how many inches horizontally and vertically the center of the group is from the bulls eye. 2 MOA moves the center of impact about 1 inch at 50 yards and 1MOA is about 1 inch at 100yrds, 1 MOA is about 2 inchs at 200 yrds. Move the dials in the direction you want your bullets to move, it's important to keep your cross hairs aimed at a consistant spot (bulls eye) while sighting in. Don't chase your bullet holes. Once you sighted in at 50 yrds, next move to 100 yrds and fine tune it the same way.

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Well said.
One thing I would like to add is. You may want the bullets to hit an inch or two or three above center of bull to accomodate the point blank range of the round you are using.

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