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blacktail hawaii wrote:

I just registered on this site today because I'm interested in blacktail deer rut information for Hawaii. I'm new to this site and forum so please excuse me if I'm doing things wrong. This thead is about scent for blacktails so I'll address that first.  Yes, I think scents have helped me attract bucks to my treestand sites. I also believe that rattling and grunt calls have brought bucks to me.  

Can anyone who hunts blacktails help me determine if latitude has anything to do with when blacktails come into rut.  Because Hawaii is much South of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California,  I wonder if our blacktails rut at a different time? 

Many years ago I read that mulies in the South, like lower Texas and Mexico come into rut much later because of lower latitude. I'm wondering if this holds true for blacktail deer to? Please help if you can. Aloha, Michael

Welcome to the forum. It would of been better if you would of started a new thread but I'll give you my two cents worth

I have only hunted mule deer but I have found that they will start to rut or breed anywhere from mid October through November. Different areas in the states that I hunt them in start at different times.  There is no real timetable to try and figure it out. One area they will start in mid or early October and be done by the time they are just starting in another area.
I have a friend that lives in Alaska and this last week he shot a blacktail buck that was in full rut. So you may just need to see if you can figure it out for yourself or find some hunters in the local area where you plan on hunting and ask them. A great sourse of information for you would be the local game and fish officer, he should know it almost down to the day.

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