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Scent during the early season

i got skunked again last sautrday and thought maybe i should expeirement with some scents. So here's the question what scents are effective during the early season. Aslo is duing light rattling a good idea?

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Scent during the early season

I've had deer come into light rattling so far this year. Usually does strangely enough but I wouldn't knock yourself out trying to figure a good scent to draw them in. Just control your scent and maybe a curiosity scent like anise if you're REALLY dying to use a scent.

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Scent during the early season

Stick with cover scents like earth scent or autumn blend. Let the deer come naturally. When the rut nears then use some estrous like tinks 69 or knight and hale has a good estrous scent that is cheap. I used knight and hales last year and it worked great. It is just called knight and hale doe estrous. It is 4oz for $4-$5.

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