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scent control

I was just wondering if any of you guys had any tips to keep or to make your hunting clothes scent free

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scent control

Everyone I'm sure has there own routine but here's what I do. Wash all your clothes, gloves, hats, headnets, everything in a scent free detergent. Dry in a dryer with a fresh earth dryer sheet. Put everything in scent free container. I always hang a cover scent wafer in the container and sometimes add some cedar branches.Store the container till you are ready to hunt.
Before going out shower with scent free soap, dry off with a scent free towel , use scent free deodorant. I will put on my base layer scent eliminator clothing and head to the field where I finish putting on clothing from container. Spray down everything including yourself with scent killer spray. Be sure to wear rubber boots. I then hang a couple scent wafers on me and head to my stand that is strategically placed down wind from where I think they may come from. How often do they come from where you think? Don't ask Thumbs up
not being in season i'm sure i forgot something but this will give you an idea.
Here's a link to some scent eliminating products:


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