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Scary stuff in Tanzania

Here's a report of a professional hunter being murdered by poachers. Looks like they tried to kill everyone but the clients and scouts survived.

This is something that could destroy the sport hunting industry in Africa and the type of thing to be aware is possible anytime we venture out of civilized places.


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Definately a scary situation

Definately a scary situation and one of the big reasons I have never ventured farther away than Canada. I do look at other hunts or trips out of interest but would be very careful before deciding to actually go.

My wife wants me to go to the Phillippines sometime but admits there are times when it would not be safe at least in some areas. And her family does live close to one of tose areas. Probably not super serious but why take the chance? (and after extensive research it is very difficult to get some fishing done on your own)

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Soooo Glad

I'll tell ya this Groovy Mike, I'm so glad I did my African hunt a few years ago.  It is getting scarier all the time.  But I do believe there are still areas of Africa that provide a safe hunting venue.  I would not cancel a trip of a lifetime out of fear.  Do a little research and go educated.  Bad things can happen in our back yard.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to Europe several times and have heard horror stories about getting robbed, pick-pocketed, ripped off, etc.... but I have found that if you are aware of your surroundings you can help determine your own destiny.  The guys in the article you posted might not have been able to predict what happened, but I believe that was the exception, not the rule.

I have heard scary things even happen in Canada..... Have you ever driven on their roads?  I live on the Canadian border (I literally look out my kitchen window into Canada)  (NO, I can't see Russia) and we have almost as many Canadian drivers on our freeway as Americans..... You wanna talk about SCARY!!


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Mikey , great to hear from

Mikey , great to hear from you again this morning !!!!!

Friend in Florida who is a semi retired PH , is real close to this one ..

He knew Andre , and Andre's daughter lived nearby him in Arusha ..

After Tanzania's trophy fee fiasco mid season a few years ago , he is only taking selected previous clients and will probably fully retire next year , as Tanzania is fixing to double or triple their block fees .. 

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That is sad news on all fronts

Arrow Flipper – You are right that risk is all around us.  I was trying to get to that with my comment that it was something to be aware of whenever we travel.  Nothing in this world is 100% safe and going to wild places where dangerous game lives is not even intended to be 100% safe.  That is part of the adventure and romance of stalking Africa.  You never know when a mamba, or a tusker with a toothache is going to give you a bad day, and in my opinion - people are the most dangerous, unpredictable animal of all!


Canadian drivers! Oh My – THAT brings back memories.  I went to school on the Canadian border for a couple of my college years.  I suppose anyone near a border feels the same way whether you are talking about New York City drivers or New Jersey drivers.  But the Canadians – oh my!


Jack Hamr – It is good to talk to you again my friend.  That is sad news on all fronts about Tanzania (except that the clients and trackers survived).  Murder is never good.  Poaching is never good.  Raised fees and fewer hunting opportunities are never good!  I think your friend the PH might be picking a good time to retire.

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Scary, for sure! I like the

Scary, for sure!

I like the way they deal with the poachers over there though. 

Doesn't leave many repeat offenders if they all end up shot. lol

It seems almost once every month or 2 you hear about the troops or police over there on anti-poaching patrols getting into gunfights.  Usuallym the good guys win.

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