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Scary Night

My wife is anti-gun, but last night when our house alarm went off she sure didn't mind standing behind me and my S&W MP40.

And, I can tell you, thinking that there was an intruder in the house I was sure glad to be well=armed.

Turns out it was a malfunction, but at the time it was real. And the cops, polite and helpful as they were arrived 15 minutes after the alarm went off.

Perhaps it would have been prudent to wait for them to come and just hide in the bedroom, but its my house so I did a search and found no one.

Talking after the incident it finally occurrred to my wife that had I found anyone I would have shot them. Up until that moment she didn't make the connection between me having the gun and shooting an intruder.

She is a wonderful wife, but she has a different view on guns and individual rights. So, I couldn't resist pointing out how she was protected by her husband, his gun and his NRA flashlight.

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Scary Night

Sounds like a heart-stopping experience. Glad to hear it was a false alarm and all was ok.

I have found that most people that are anti-gun actually have a fear of them because of a lack of knowledge. Once they learn more about them, handle them, learn how to load and unload properly, shoot them, etc., their fear usually dissipates.

One of the best things to do for a spouse or friend that has a problem with firearms is to encourage them to take an NRA sanctioned class. It really does help.

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