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SC or AL deer & hog hunt

I am interested in a deer and hog hunt for my son (13) and I in SC or AL. I am looking at various outfitters/plantations to go to. Anyone ever hunt these states, have any experience in them, etc. Any and all info. and/or suggestions are appreciated!


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SC or AL deer & hog hunt

I know just about every plantation in SC and have worked for a good bit of them. I am assumming your looking for a rifle hunt. IMO right now one of the best lodges for deer going is Paradise valley hunt Club and they have a great hog lease as well. I guide for them during turkey season but am very familiar with the lands and quality of bucks they take during the deer season. i think they are a great place for a high success hunt. Ceadar Knoll and Blackwater hunting services are both good bets to look into as well.

Be glad to help you narrow down a few choices. if you were bowhunting I could set you up on one of my hunts but I dont do rifle these days.

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