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Saw a nice buck

Saw a great buck Thanksgiving morning, 30 yards, well within arrow range.  Sat there looking at me, for a good minute or 2.

Problem was, I was in my car, with my family, no bow, and out of my zone anyway.... Argh!  Always happens.  Still cool to look at though.


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No pictures Vermonster?! Come

No pictures Vermonster?! Come on man. Just kidding. Well atleast you got to see a good one. That can always be the morale booster you need to get the job done in your own unit. Is your season still open? He didn't happen to be a 30 inch wide forkie did he? I'm starting to think that the genetics of your deer herd only allow for forkies and the older they get, their forks just get bigger. ha

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What you're too good or just

What you're too good or just not desparate enough to run it over with your car

I saw a very nice buck as I was driving to my hunting spot the other morning.  I tell you they live to taunt me.  Evil creatures they are!

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