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Savage Rifles

Just wondering if anyone has a Savage Model 16/116 and how they like it. I am considering one in either 270WSM or 7MM Remington magnum and have indirect experience with the 270 WSM as my cousin owns one and it perfomers very well, and direct experience with the 7MM as it is my "go-to" caliber.

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Savage make a very good rifle.  They along with Ruger are the few in the domestic firearms industry still making a good quality firearm and offering it at a fair price (within nearly every hunters budget).

I prefer a Mauser style (type) action and sadly Savage does not offer that type of bolt action.  That's my only gripe about Savage.  I currently use a Winchester Model 70 Classic Featherweight in .270 Win.  I bought the gun new back then I was in college in the early '90s.  I love it, but if I had to buy that rifle new today I wouldn't. Instead I'd likely go with a Ruger M77 Hawkeye these days.  The new Model 70s today cost 3 times what they're really worth. 

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While the new Model 70's may cost 3x what they are worth I think you are getting 3x, if not more, quality.

I too am a fan of Mauser style actions and prefer, in order, Winchester, Ruger, Anybody Else. Gun companies have periods of decent quality, very bad quality, and exceptional quality. Right now I think Winchester and Colt are in the exceptional catagory based on what I've seen and shot, as well as heard from others, and read. Granted the dollar today buys a lot less than it did in years past, inflation, but compared to what we paid years ago and what we are paying today I think you're getting a better rifle today for a lot less money.

Just my opinion.

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What other people think of

What other people think of the rifle matter's little. The only opinion that matter's is your's. Some guy's like Cheys and some Fords. some like blonds and some brunetts, nobody like red heads! Your gonna find that each brand has it's following. My thought of the Savage rifles is that the old 110 trigger left a lasting opinion on a lot of guy's. I know it did on me but, the out of the box accuracy did also! I don't think the action is particularly good looking but then I think my neighbor's dog is ugly as sin. Get my point? I like reading about what different people think about certain products and most have their follower's. Those that don't, go away!

It's always supprised me that the Colt/Sauer rifle wasn't more popular; it was to me a beautiful rifle. On the other hand I can't see how Blazer stays in business. So the best way to find out how good the rifle really is is to buy one yourself, unless you have a buddy that has one. Notice that you asked about a specific rifle, not a rifle in some specific cartridge. There is something you like about the Savage, go get one!

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