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Savage Predator Hunter Rifle

New here so please don't attack me Shame on You!

Just got this new rifle in 22-250 cal..Has anyone done any reloading for one of these yet..If so,what were your results?

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Savage Predator Hunter Rifle

According to this article http://www.chuckhawks.com/22-250rem.htm the 22-250 is in the top Ten and rightly so I don't reload the 22-250 so I can be of little help, but Stay Tuned, many, many have. Thumbs up

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Savage Predator Hunter Rifle

I don't reload for .22-250, but have shot it often over the years, mostly this one on paper targets. I will say that it is a great cartridge for coyotes and such. My buddy has declaired it his favorite, and even uses it on pronghorn where it's legal to do so. You sure won't have a hard time finding reload data for it. Get the Speer manual along with a few others and pick one recipe that you will like.

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Savage Predator Hunter Rifle

A buddy and I did some for his 22-250. They are fairly easy and forgiving, but you need to play around with different loads and see what you rifle likes the best . His was a Remington Sendero it liked 52, and 55 grain speers and I think they were 55 grain nosler combined techonology silver tips, not sure on the weight of the last one. We used Hodgsons Vargent powder. I would personally get the realoading book for the bullet you are loading, and from the powder manfacturer and cross reference them. When you decide on a bullet and a powder I usually start about in the middle of the load and load 5 of each charge increasing by a half a grain up to .5 to 1 grain below the max. You may not want to load that hot but that is what I do. Take those rounds and go shoot find what load works the best. I have one rifle that will shoot about any thing that you can put in the chamber and another that so far I have only found one load that it even holds a decent groop with so pour some powder and have fun expermenting.

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