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Savage - Big Mistake?

Savage introduced a line of rifles - named origianally - "The Edge" - and that moniker did not last long.

They are back now - calling this line "The Axis".

This is - in my opinion - the first screw up that Savage has made in quite some time.

They did not sell originally - and if I had to guess - they are not going to selll this time.

Lose the Accutrigger and you lose sales - for Savage at least.

If someone was going to buy an entry level rifle from Savage - just buy the Stevens.

They are bone accurate - they are a Savage w/o the adjustable trigger.

I love Savage - my allegience runs deep and true - but I do not like this move.

There are too many "cheap" rifles out there - and Savage already had the best one of the lot in the Stevens - why muddy the water?

I guess they had to... to try to "keep up" - but I label this as a failed experiment.

Time will tell if I am correct....

My .02...


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It is my understanding that

It is my understanding that the name was changed due to legal naming rights, not a marketing ploy.  I recentlly ordered a Axis youth 7mm-08.  Internet research led me to believe this will be a fine rifle for my kids to grow into.

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I agree Jim.  They don't

I agree Jim.  They don't impress me one bit.  I always liked the 111 and 110 - don't think they sell the m110 anymore though.  The model 111 isn't pretty by any means, but they're very accurate and affordable.  Another pro, I was never worried about scratching it - I only spent about $250 on mine roughly 15 yrs. ago.

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Good points AF... The recoil

Good points AF...

The recoil lug not being part of the barrel / receiver - to me - is silly.

OK - people made fun of Savage for years for that goofy looking barrel nut - big deal - I did not see it as a bad thing.

I bet this line peters out real quick....


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Yes, as was aluded to, the reason for the name change was due to a trademark or copyright issue.

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I'm not sure with this one

I'm not sure with this one but I don't have a problem with it. Some people will buy the cheaper Savage because of name reputation but not the Stevens because they just don't know.

I would not buy one anymore without the better trigger but I'm sure a lot of beginners will jump at the price and be totally satisfied.

But I will agree that name changes rarely help a new product.

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Gunsmith in the midwest, name

Gunsmith in the midwest, name escapes me right now, Maybe Gordy Critters, told me years ago that he though that the secrete to Savage accuracy was the barrel nut. Something ssimilar to the barrel nut on the Dan wesson handguns. Tighting the nut and looseing it could change things very nicely.

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