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Savage Arms Fans?

Any fans of Savage Arms here?

I for one, have a Savage Model 12 .308 and I swear by it! Has never given me any problems, and is VERY accurate.

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Re: Savage Arms Fans?

Savage Arms makes some pretty good quality rifles, accurate too. While I'm not a fanatical fan of Savage I do own a couple of their rifles and think value for the money they are a very good rifle. I've also fired many Savage rifles owned by friends and family from vintage to current production. All my experiences with those guns have been very positive.

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Re: Savage Arms Fans?

Excellent rifles for the price. They are not the prettiest girl at the prom but they make up for it in the accuracy department. Thumbs up

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Re: Savage Arms Fans?

Welcome to BGH!

I hjave heard a lot of good about Savage rifles, just never owned one. My son has one and it is a very good shooter. I suspaet that JCalhoon will check in on this, He's pretty much the resident Savage man. He shoot's 1000 yds competation with a Savage. You can probably find a photo os his rifle on the "Long Range Shooting" thread.

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Re: Savage Arms Fans?

As Don mentioned, I do have a few Savage rifles. Yes

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Re: Savage Arms Fans?

I am a Savage fan.
Got a single shot .22 I have had since I was 10. Still takes it's share of game off the deck.
Also have 2 Modle 99's best lever actions ever made (my opinion)
-one in 308
-one in 300 Savage

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Re: Savage Arms Fans?

I like that Savage has been about innovating new features for their standard models. The accutrigger and now the accustock were good additions. Their 10-BAS series is also a reasonable value and different from most other rifles on the market for the same price point.

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