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Savage 308 edge

Just went out and bought a new edge bolt action best thing for the money and this is before I even shot it still have to put my 4x12x50 scope on top and then to the range . Back with another post after the range

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Well first of all welcome to

Well first of all welcome to the forum, hope you stick around and share your results and other experiences with us.

I just read a review on these rifles and then went down and handled one a couple of days ago and have to agree that it seems like a lot of rifle for the money. Pleas be sure to share your range results after you get a chance to shoot it as I'm thinking of getting one just because they are so darn cheap and Savage has such a good reputation.

According to the review you should be able to learn how to adjust the trigger down a little bit yourself. Not sure the details but should be able to find instruction somewhere. A good trigger can make all the difference in accurate shooting.

Congratulations on your new purchase.

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Congrats, its probably one of

Congrats, its probably one of the best values on the market right now.

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