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Savage 220F Shotgun - Sighting In


I recently purchased a Savage 220F 20 gauge shotgun.

This is built on a 110 action - veeeerrrrry long - and handles just like a rifle. If you did not look at the barrel, you would not know it was a shotgun.

I having trouble grouping off of the bench, however...

My groups are about 4 -5 " at 100 yards and occasionally, I will get a flyer that is 8" out there.

I read that you hold a shotgun differently than a rifle when shooting it - maybe this is only true for a slug gun...

Any hints or can anyone expand on this subject - and on shotgun accuracy in general??

I love the gun but a 4" group at 100 yards - with one getting away every once in a while - is not very comforting from a hunter's perspective....

I am using the Federal Premuim shells with the Barnes Tipped Expander bullet - # P209XT1 - which is one of only 2 shells Savage says to use in the gun.




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That sure doesn't sound even close to Kosher to me. I'm no big fan of Savage guns, personally, but this new M220 is supposed to be something special. If I owned a M1100 with rifled barrel that shot that bad, I'd be pi$$ed! It sound to me like there is something serious wrong there. What kind of scope, bases and rings are you using? Could it be a bad scope? Do you have another you can throw on there and even just shoot one 50 yd group with, just to compare?

As I already said, I'm not a big Savage fan, nor one of this particular writer. But here's his review for what it's worth and his Savage sure seems to be doing a lot better group-wise.


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I haven't shot a slug in a

I haven't shot a slug in a shotgun in over 50yrs. But that really doesn sound all that bad to me. Remember your shooting a shotgun and pretty much at the range limit I would think anyway. If you could shoot a 4" group at 400yds with your rifle you'd be pretty happy I'd think. Of course effective range get farther than that with a rifle. Then too, you probably have some special use in mind for the shotgun otherwise you'd just use a rifle, right? I assume that it has a rifled barrel? Keep in mind that a 1 oz 20ga slud isn't that long or streamlined. Closer to shooting a round ball than a rifle bullet.

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Don, Yessir - special use -


Yessir - special use - it was purchased for midwest hunts where rifles are not allowed.

I can also use in the south in areas where the shots are short - less than 100 yards.

This shotgun was touted as being cery accurate - CVC posted a Chuck Hawks article that gave glowing reports of this gun.

I am going to go to a smaller scope on the gun and get some more range time in and see if I can works these groups down smaller.


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