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Savage 110 Trophy Hunter .300 win mag ?

What do you think of this rifle ( if you have one or shot one ) ? Can it shoot M.O.A or better at 100 yards or longer ? How much does this gun weigh with the Nikon Scope on it ?

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I wasn't aware they still

I wasn't aware they still make the 110. It made the accuracy status of Savage! Had an awful trigger but a gunsmith can clean it up or I think it's sharp shooter supply makes a replacement for it. I'm not sure what the stock is made from. Not that bad of stock but not walnut either. Couldn't tell you what they weigh but the aren't objectively heavy to me.

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I owned one

I owned a Model 110 in 30-06.  Like Don said, the trigger was terrible, but it was also a very accurate rifle.  After I owned it for several years, the wood stock appeared to rub the barrel just a bit, so I had a gunsmith re-bed it, I also resealed the wood.  But the trigger and stock warp were the only issues I ever had with it.  I'm sure that if you bought one today, the stock would be sealed properly and give you no problems.  Does the one you're looking at have the Accutrigger?  If it does, you'll be real pleased - that trigger is very, very smooth.

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