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Today I purchased a Savage 111 GCNS 30-06 Is this a good choice in firearms for hunting moose

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The rifle you bought is supposed to be a good rifle, depending on who you talk to. As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. There is a devoted group of Savage haters and lovers out there but I cannot imagine Savage being in business all these years by putting out a bad product. The 30-06 is so time tested that nothing more can be said for it.

A moose is a big animal and I would choose a heavy end bullet for it. The 180gr up. I'm sure your gonna hear of a lot of people that have shot them with all sort's of other bullet's and they probally have. But my feeling is it's better to have to much bullet than to little. I'd look for a 180gr core lokt Remington load. Not that there's not as good and maybe better stuff out there but that bullet has one hell of a track record.

Your question leads me to believe that you certainly don't handload and are fairly new to hunting. Error on the side of to much rather than to little. Good luck!

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I really like the savage line of rifles. They are no non-sense shooters that do the job well without draining the pocket. As for 30-06, Don gave you great advice as will others here. Good luck on your hunt.

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I can only second that great advise you've been given.

Savage makes a great rifle. They're real shooters, working guns made for individuals who actually use their rifles. With a .30-06 you'll seldom find the need for any other cartridge.

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I wanted to buy a savage this spring for my son in 30-06 but not one had one the day I wanted it. We ended up finding a used Sako. I thought the rifle felt and looked great, the price was really impressive. The only thing was the one they had was a 300 wsm. And to me that is just to much blast. No fun shooting those magnums. So all that to say I think you bought a good rifle and hope you get the time you need to be able to enjoy it outdoors. Happy Hunting

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