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Sasquatch Sightings Increase During Hunting Season...

h talbot-

Your understanding of this issue is not new. There are thousands of
individuals feeling the same way, or previewing it as such. I find this
totally understandable. As I had mentioned, I have many questions to
this phenomenon as well. But witnessing the creature, many of my
questions come from a different direction of course. I have no idea
whatsoever...how many of these things with this primate are possible.
The technology end of it, is a big puzzle for me as an example. If a person
doesn't encounter this animal, that is one thing. But how it is managing
to fool an electronic eye, or dodge planted web-cams, etc?
As for those that go out to find it...and do? Three individuals that come to
mind, are John Green, Peter Byrnes, and Rene Dahinden. Between the 3
of them, they have chalked up almost a 125 years of looking, tracking, and
trying to find this creature. (None of the 3 have ever seen the beast.) Rene
hunted the animal full time. He has since passed away. Byrnes and Green
are in their 80's.
I've gone over this before. I am an outdoorsman as well. Spent a lot of time
in the woods. With witnesses, in 74 and 85, we encountered such a creature.
There was no way of denying it, or explaining it off I'm afraid. (I've tried!) That
said, this does happen to other individuals as well. And my findings as an
example, are showing that more individuals on 'tree-stands' are encountering
the sasquatch - things being somewhat quiet, and above the scene.
Your questions have a lot of merit. Nothing to this species makes sense. No
carcass, no skull, no pictures really (all blurry) - I can't explain these things.
But I am researching such things. And mostly every avenue leads to a dead-
end. Some are even making things up now, they're so frustrated. All this is a
mystery - and continues to be so.
In 74 we startled the creature by accident. That told me, that we are dealing
with just another creature of the forest. And in 85, we could see the breath
coming off the animal, as it stood halfway up a hillside, shifting its weight
from foot to foot - it was still nervous. But looking at these things scientifically,
all that is involved with this entire subject; nothing adds up. I'll be the first one
to admit it. The whole thing on the species has practically gone full-circle. Many
just study available info, or work the subject with no results really. There are
Organizations, that say, that they could photograph the creature, but that's not
what they want to do. (It is rubbish.)
How can the Scientific Community follow-up on things like the smallest of
creatures; and no one can locate an 8 foot, 600 pound giant? If you were to
take a 1000 sightings, and only say...20 were legit - we have a problem. The
same goes for tracks. But when it comes time for where they live, how can
they feed those massive bodies, don't some just drop dead, or go mentally
ill, I can't explain it any differently than anyone else. Everything acredited to
this creature does not compute properly. It makes mistakes - it allowed
myself with a witness each time to see it for ourselves.
So, I agree with you - but my direction must remain the same. Until somebody
drags, runs over, poisons, or dreams one up, I don't have the answers. And to
tell you the truth, I'm more skeptical than you. Where is the damn thing -
because I do get tired of defending a spook!


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Sasquatch Sightings Increase During Hunting Season...

You sound like a rational, competant person. I don't doubt you saw what you said you saw or at least something. The mountains hold some wonderous things and nature is full of mysteries. I still personally don't believe sasquatch is out there, but I would love to be proven wrong. I'll keep my eyes and ears open.

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Sasquatch Sightings Increase During Hunting Season...

h talbot-

I can respect any serious answer to this mystery, and your's is appreciated
as well. Until a person witnesses such things, a person must remain a
skeptic at times. This phenomenon is hard to explain at times, and I can only
relate how I felt before encountering such a creature. I couldn't believe in such
things, because one hadn't been found. There is little sense to this mystery,
and again, I don't have the answers. Shortly...someone else will change their
idea of it, coming across such an animal. That of course, would be the serious
observer - not someone mistaking it for some other forest dweller. I haven't
forgotten what the forests were like before seeing such a thing. I can
understand what people feel about this, and the evidence never...or seldom
adds up.


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Sasquatch Sightings Increase During Hunting Season...

I''ve never seen a sasquatch, but I've seen Elvis, Jimmy Hoffa, and Amelia Earhart while backpacking the Ozark foothills.

By the way, no sasquatch bones, carcass, or credible video....in the 230 years this country has officially existed. Hmmmm....I wonder why????

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Sasquatch Sightings Increase During Hunting Season...

Illinois Dave-

You've seen these things in the Ozark foothills? (Good for you!) -Now...if you
move north, you may have a chance at seeing the sasquatch. I figure if you're
that lucky, you just may be able to catch a glimpse of the creature. But please
remember - the sasquatch doesn't stay around as long! I'm glad I could help
complete your day - thanks for the humor!


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Sasquatch Sightings Increase During Hunting Season...

On a lighter note, I have a close friend who was hunting in Washington. While he was hunting he saw an Emu in the woods. It ran 35 mph in front of his truck down a back road. That is the closest thing to a Bigfoot sighting that I've personally ever heard about.

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Sasquatch Sightings Increase During Hunting Season...

Well all I can say is that I've never met the beast, but I'll go so far as to say that it is very possible that these things do exist. There are actually a few good still photos and films shot of these. I do believe that the Patterson film shot in 1967 is genuine. Why do I believe this? Because the creature in that film does what any wild animal does when it's appoached by a human, it evades and escapes and doesn't linger around like all the other hoax films show. Plus the creature in that 1967 film is actually a female bigfoot. That's right, look at it closely, as it turns to look back at Patterson in the film you can see breasts on it. If it was a hoax, who would have thought to make it female? Everyone back then just subconciously assumed that bigfoot was male. Never heard anyone refere to bigfoot as a "she" before, it's always "he". Plus the fact that no one has ever made a big deal about the Patterson film capturing a "female" bigfoot image tells me it must be real.

There is also film video footage of a few Army helocopters flying high speed at tree top level on training in what appears to be somewhere in the pacific NW. The helocopters flew over a clearing open medow and in the corner of the frame you can see a handful of ape like creatures scattering and running to hide in the forest. I only saw the footage once, and it's real brief, if you don't know what to look for in it you really will miss it in the frame.

American Indians have stories of encounters going back for centuries. Bigfoot isn't some story of recent manufacture like the recent UFO stuff or elaberate crop circles.

But, as I've said, never met the beast. cool

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Sasquatch Sightings Increase During Hunting Season...

Gcpd35, I live in washington and there are some crazy poeple. there used to be an emuy farm near my area nad it shut down and a bunch ran away. As for bigfoot i have not seen him. I have read some " encounter stories" from people online that live in a town 5 miles down ther road from my house.
I think it would be awsome if they were fully blown out descovered. but i would hope they were friendly, bcause i wouldn't like to have a "smart" creature as they have been explained as. the size of a large grizzly bear. mad at me un less i had my 30-06 in hand.
No good luck lookout man and hope your hobby turns out fun and succesful.
as for the rest of you be sure to be safe in the woods. Dont shoot a bear thinking you got the first Sasquatch.


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Sasquatch Sightings Increase During Hunting Season...

Thanks for everyones input into this subject...

Recently, there were a small number of researchers in the lower mainland
of British Columbia, that were following up on very strange 'animal calls' in
the Chehalis Region, near Harrison Hot Springs. They were looking into
'calls' that were scaring residents and visitors in the area. (Wanting in hope,
to connect these very strange 'calls' to the sasquatch, they happened upon
two coyotes on the river bank - one calling in a very strange garble to the
other - this never witnessed before. They then went back to their familar
pitch and tones that we are so accustomed to hearing.) These were
outdoorsmen and trackers that witnessed this event. Experienced
researchers - they realized you have to sometimes report the good with the
bad - this now actually setting back sasquatch research, and dividing many.
It seems, that there are other recorded sounds as such, that were alike in
the making. But you have to call it as you see it. It seems, the coyote has a
special loud and eerie call in looking for the other? Something...so out of the
norm. This will result in many of these sasquatch Internet Sites to review
such things. Personally, I think that this is a good step, as there is way to
much rubbish out there. The reason I stay somewhat involved as mentioned,
is because of actually encountering the beast...with a witness each time.
There is no mistaking this creature for what it is.
Hat's off to researchers following up with the truth of a matter, no matter how
painful it may be. (These were members of B.C.'s Westcoast Sasquatch.)
*This investigation took place over a number of weeks.


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Sasquatch Sightings Increase During Hunting Season...

If you go walking around in the wild in Arkansas in a gillie suit some hillbilly is gonna shoot you dead (guaranteed). I'd say more than 25% of the seasoned hunters around here believe in bigfoot including myself. I seen a black panther in the gap of a mountian near my home in 1983. When I told my brother and friends they laughed and said it was a bear, but bears don't have long tails and slink gracefully through the woods. I know in my own mind it was a black panther, and have heard of 2 other sightings

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